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Turned 50, not acting like it

What kind of idiot has two thumbs and would run a Spartan Super obstacle race on his 50th birthday? This guy… It was the most fun thing I have done in a while and I felt good afterwards… just one … Continue reading

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Home on R&R…

Landed in Orlando, Florida just before noon and was picked up by my wife. It was great to see her after being away from home for so long. We spent the day and night in the city reaquainting ourselves before … Continue reading

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Life in rural Afghanistan

In the course of doing our job, we were able to observe how the Afghan people live in the poorer rural areas where the insurgency seems to have more influence. The population in the area we covered was made up … Continue reading

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First stop- Kuwait

After the long charter flight from the states, we landed in the early evening at a base in Kuwait. I helped unload the baggage from the baggage compartment (good workout) into trucks and we were¬†transported to the briefing area where … Continue reading

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New job, another strange vehicle

The end of last year was an interesting one- I left the space program after 22 years and became an unemployed, mid-40’s space shuttle worker ready to market my skills. After about a month, I was picked up by Lockheed … Continue reading

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Nov 1, 2007- Halloween night- really scary night

Took the kids around the subdivision– they had a good time. Saw some disturbing things; a couple of 12 or 13 year old girls in Victoria’s Secret-style Dorothy and maid costumes. Hard to believe that their parents would let them … Continue reading

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Sep 24, 2007- KSC Free Weekend

Went to the free weekend for the Visitor’s Center at KSC. Got to ride the launch simulator. My review of it? Not as good as I expected it to be, but worth going to for people who haven’t been here … Continue reading

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