Badass of the week- Nikola Tesla

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If there was one man who could have been a real life super villan, he had all the tools to do it. Tesla was an undisputed super genius (possibly to the point of insanity) and had the ability to build machines that were decades, maybe even centuries ahead of their time – some of which were capable of science fiction style destruction in a time when horses were still a major mode of transportation.

Think about it – in a time of gas lamps and top hats, one man was able to harness the power of electricity in ways that we still can’t reproduce. It has been speculated that one of his inventions might have caused the Tunguska Event in Russia. Just think how different the world would be now if he would have decided that we weren’t smart enough to control our destiny. Luckily he was more focused on his science than social engineering, but he was a fascinating example of the unlimited capabilities of the human mind.

Nikola Tesla may not have gotten proper recognition for his work during his lifetime, but being portrayed by David Bowie in The Prestige is not only pretty cool – it is just another reason that he is my choice for Badass of the week. Click here to read about this incredible man!

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Badass of the week- Abram Heller

Coasties get a lot of ribbing by the regular services, but these are the guys that are patrolling our shores and putting their lives on the line to save anyone who gets in harms’ way. From drug interdiction operations to search and rescue missions in just about any type of weather, these guys deserve as much respect as their counterparts who fight for freedom anywhere in the world… especially when you read stuff like this.

Abram A. Heller, you are my badass of the week. Salute!

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Home on R&R…

Landed in Orlando, Florida just before noon and was picked up by my wife. It was great to see her after being away from home for so long. We spent the day and night in the city reaquainting ourselves before heading home the next day. As we pulled into the driveway, my sons had a surprise for me:

The dog overcame her shyness after a minute once she recognized me – at least she didn’t pee on me.

Tried to surprise my parents, but my mom didn’t fall for the ruze. The next couple of days involved getting back into a relaxed routine before heading out on our vacation. It was tough, but you have to push through sometimes to reach your goal…

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Badass of the week – Cloelia (yeah, I’ve never heard of her either)

photo credit: Wikipedia- Doesn't look like a stealthy escape to me...

The next time your teenage daughter talks back to you, think of this woman. Sometime around 509 B.C., before it became the world dominating powerhouse we’ve all heard that it was, Rome was getting its’ ass handed to it on a regular basis by a group of people known as the Etruscans. This woman (barely) was single handedly responsible for ending the continuous bitch-slapping of Rome. The lady balls that she had shown in this story earned her a place of honor among the Romans – a first for a woman in this era.

Many past and current secretaries of state have nothing on this woman when it comes to heroism and conflict resolution between countries. Whatever you do, don’t let your daughter read about this girl – you think she’s giving you attitude now? Just wait until she sees what an in-your-face teenager can accomplish when applied at full strength!

Cloelia, you are truly my Badass of the Week!

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Going on leave, making my way home

7 days a week, 12 hours a day can get old after a while but if you don’t count the days, before you know it it is time for R & R leave. Got on the chopper at our site and headed to Bagram AFB where I caught a charter flight to Dubai. I had about 7 hours between the time I landed and my flight to the states so I got in a cab and headed to the mall – it was something to do besides hang around the airport. It was something quick and interesting to do. The cab ride was about 15 minutes and the driver stayed with me so he could take me back – a convenient and smart move because cabs don’t normally hang out at the mall.

The mall was pretty cool – literally! There was a full size hockey rink,

an aquarium with the world’s largest single pane of plexiglass certified by the Guinness book people (that plaque on the left signified it),

along with waterfalls and other architectural art pieces.

There are plenty of high end stores catering to the wealthy that live or come through Dubai

and outside of the mall was a man-made lake similar to the one at the Bellagio in Vegas, complete with dancing fountains of water, but bigger. The building on the right is the one that they used in the filming of Mission Impossible 4 last year.

Another view looking up…

Burj Khalifa skyscraper

On the way back to the airport, we went to a T.G.I. Friday’s and I ordered a BBQ burger – first real burger I’d had in 5 months and it was GOOOOD. I bought dinner for my cabbie since he was good enough to stick with me and take me back to the terminal. He said it was the first time anyone had done something like that for him and appreciated it. Made my 11:50 p.m. flight and, after 15 hours sitting in economy plus, I was in DC.

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Badass of the week- Muhammad Ali

"I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was."

This week, I give you “The Greatest”- a man who rocked the boxing world with his fists and his mouth. No one could promote Ali better than Ali and he had the skills to back up his boasts.

He is a man of conviction, religion, opinion, and pugilism. A gold medal winner in the 1960 Olympic games, he went on to win the heavyweight boxing championship three times in his career and is tied with Babe Ruth as the most recognized American sports figure of all time.

Spend some time with Cassius Clay and see why he is this week’s Badass of the week!
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali Pictures

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Badass of the week- Andrew Jackson

That is right – this week’s selection is one of our past presidents: Monday is President’s Day after all and what better way to kill two birds with one stone than to honor one! This guy is so money – literally! He is on the $20 bill. Spend some time finding out why Andrew Jackson is my pick for badass of the week!

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