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I saw this and had to pass it along: Meet Jarno Smeets, a mechanical engineer who has invented a device that allows him to takoff, fly and land like a bird with what he calls a “semi human powered flying device”. He … Continue reading

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Badass of the week- Nikola Tesla

Image courtesy of Wikipedia If there was one man who could have been a real life super villan, he had all the tools to do it. Tesla was an undisputed super genius (possibly to the point of insanity) and had the … Continue reading

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Badass of the week- Abram Heller

Coasties get a lot of ribbing by the regular services, but these are the guys that are patrolling our shores and putting their lives on the line to save anyone who gets in harms’ way. From drug interdiction operations to … Continue reading

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Home on R&R…

Landed in Orlando, Florida just before noon and was picked up by my wife. It was great to see her after being away from home for so long. We spent the day and night in the city reaquainting ourselves before … Continue reading

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Badass of the week – Cloelia (yeah, I’ve never heard of her either)

The next time your teenage daughter talks back to you, think of this woman. Sometime around 509 B.C., before it became the world dominating powerhouse we’ve all heard that it was, Rome was getting its’ ass handed to it on … Continue reading

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Going on leave, making my way home

7 days a week, 12 hours a day can get old after a while but if you don’t count the days, before you know it it is time for R & R leave. Got on the chopper at our site … Continue reading

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