Mar 2, 2009- My new part time job!

Got a part time gig with a friend of mine who opened a light sport aircraft business. Doing maintenance around the hangar and helping with the planes in return for flying time. Working towards my light sport add on rating and will get my glider rating hopefully before May. Will be doing aircraft delivery and instruction eventually which will be awesome! Here are pics of the hangar and planes they sell. What is cool about them are they all have glass cockpits and Magnum ballistic aircraft parachute systems– better than what the Cirrus has! First up, the Lambada- a two seat motorglider- which means you can take off like a regular plane, climbing at 1500 ft/min, fly anywhere at 100 knots on 4 gph to find lift, shut down the engine and glide until you get bored, restart the engine and fly home! Great plane with a 30:1 glide ratio.

The other plane that UrbanAir makes is called the Samba- a sexy two seater that has better performance and half the fuel burn of a Cessna 150. It is the white one in the foreground.

The SportStars in the background, made by Evektor, are in the process of becoming the first IFR certified light sport aircraft in America. I believe that this new category of aircraft will redefine general aviation and training in the future. They are a third of the price of new Pipers and Cessnas, come with modern avionics and have more safety features than the planes we have now. Check them out at and see what I mean.

(Update to post: Due to the economic near collapse in 2007, this dealer has gone out of business. Urban Air has come out with a new carbon fiber motor glider that is even better than the Lambada- check out the Phoenix at Phoenix Air USA. The SportStar is also still being sold- check it out at Evektor Aircraft.)


About John Sep

Former Space Shuttle aerospace technician and private pilot now looking towards the next great adventure. Soon to be heading home from my overseas assignment! Transfered my blog from MySpace to here so check my older stuff for info and pictures from my days in space shuttle processing- lots of behind the scenes stuff! He drew pics, flew planes, fought fires and helped launch people into space - what will he do next?
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