May 28, 2008- Long silences

Haven’t been on the site in a while– sorry to all for not responding to comments or e-mails. Trying to get things in order with all that has happened in the program over the last couple of months. Starting to look for another job now instead of waiting for the end of the program when everyone will be saturating the area.

Also stopped flying– I know, bad news. Didn’t renew my medical to take away the temptation of spending the money. Looking to get the financial house in order now so if I am here at the end of the program, it won’t hurt as much when they let us go. Priorities first!

May be supporting the next launch this weekend– will find out today.


About John Sep

Former Space Shuttle aerospace technician and private pilot now looking towards the next great adventure. Soon to be heading home from my overseas assignment! Transfered my blog from MySpace to here so check my older stuff for info and pictures from my days in space shuttle processing- lots of behind the scenes stuff! He drew pics, flew planes, fought fires and helped launch people into space - what will he do next?
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