Sep 24, 2007- KSC Free Weekend

Went to the free weekend for the Visitor’s Center at KSC. Got to ride the launch simulator. My review of it? Not as good as I expected it to be, but worth going to for people who haven’t been here before. The chairs shake a little, the seatback pushes into you and drops back to simulate G forces (not very well), and the whole sim tilts to give some feeling of weighlessness– that worked o.k.– I would have liked a more pronounced feeling throughout, but I am a hardcore roller coaster rider, so that may be a factor in my disappointment. That being said, the presentation while in line was very good and the KSC Visitor’s Center is a must see if you are in the central Florida area (Orlando and surrounding areas).

Enter through the gantryway,

Stand by to enter the vehicle,

Take your seat,

and get ready for liftoff.

Watched The Family Guy Star Wars spoof– not a fan of the show, but that show was pretty funny.


About John Sep

Former Space Shuttle aerospace technician and private pilot now looking towards the next great adventure. Soon to be heading home from my overseas assignment! Transfered my blog from MySpace to here so check my older stuff for info and pictures from my days in space shuttle processing- lots of behind the scenes stuff! He drew pics, flew planes, fought fires and helped launch people into space - what will he do next?
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2 Responses to Sep 24, 2007- KSC Free Weekend

  1. I have been gone for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this site. Thanks, I’ll try and check back more frequently. How often do you update your blog?

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