May 17, 2007- Was it real?

Been a while since I’ve blogged, but interesting question asked of me today– Dusty asked me if I think we really went to the moon. I know there are people today who think that we don’t really have a Shuttle program, so I can imagine how Apollo era people feel about this question. I think that it wouldn’t have made sense to spend that kind of time and energy in a rouse, especially after Russia lost their moon program after that pad explosion. The things that guy talked about in his book and the tv show are easy to dismiss using common sense and science (I think both need to be applied at the same time). It is the same mentallity that thinks the government was behind 9/11 by applying only enough science to make their point sound absolute- kinda like global warming.

Anyway, drove the commander of STS-118 Scott Kelly and Barbara Morgan around the payload bay in a bucket for Crew Equipment Interface Test (CEIT) last Friday where they come to KSC to see the real hardware and vehicle after training in and on simulators for years. Will post pics when NASA gets them up on the website. Barbara Morgan was Christen McAuliffe’s backup on Challenger and will be operating the arm during their mission which will launch early August.


About John Sep

Former Space Shuttle aerospace technician and private pilot now looking towards the next great adventure. Soon to be heading home from my overseas assignment! Transfered my blog from MySpace to here so check my older stuff for info and pictures from my days in space shuttle processing- lots of behind the scenes stuff! He drew pics, flew planes, fought fires and helped launch people into space - what will he do next?
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4 Responses to May 17, 2007- Was it real?

  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. Hello from Japan. Apologize for my poor English. I used Google’s translator on your website just to tell you how cool I think it is! Take Care!

  3. Dennis Blaze says:

    Nice! Great article! Thank you.

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