Mar. 7, 2007- Rumor mill- not official yet!

Heard that some of the hail damages appear to be all the way down to the substrate (skin) of the tank. Destack is likely and the tank may have to be sent back to the factory for stripping and re-foaming. They will probably give them Endeavour’s tank and then we would have to wait for a new one. Unfortunately, a second shuttle needs to be able to launch during the current mission in case of emergency, so that may delay both launches until Endeavour can support a Launch on Need capability. The payload was removed from Atlantis prior to leaving the pad so it could be serviced during the downtime.


About John Sep

Former Space Shuttle aerospace technician and private pilot now looking towards the next great adventure. Soon to be heading home from my overseas assignment! Transfered my blog from MySpace to here so check my older stuff for info and pictures from my days in space shuttle processing- lots of behind the scenes stuff! He drew pics, flew planes, fought fires and helped launch people into space - what will he do next?
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